What to Expect

Not sure what to expect with a mobile Massage Therapist? Never had a massage before? No worries! Please check out our Q&A below!

What happens when the Therapist arrives? When your Therapist arrives he will greet you and ask about what you’re looking for with your session. Please don’t hesitate to ask anything and express any concerns you have. We are here for your comfort! There are no stupid questions! Examples of questions you Therapist may ask include: What kinds of sounds/music to you prefer to hear during your session? Do you have any bruises to be aware of? What questions do you have?
After your consult, he will ask where you’d like him to set up. Once he is set up he will request you undress to your level of comfort, let you know how to position yourself under the sheets and exit the room. Once you are ready you let him know and your massage will begin. 
*** With the current health pandemic issues your Therapist will take your temperature before starting the massage to keep him and his other clients safe. This will be a non contact thermometer and take just a moment. If you have any concerns let us know! ***
Where do you set up? We can set up in any room of the house that is easily accessible, has a large clear area for our therapist to move freely around a large table and is free of any messes that could hurt our equipment. If you would like to be massaged outside that is okay as weather allows if you have a clean and dry porch or deck. We cannot set up the table in dirt, gravel, sand, grass or uneven ground. 
What do I wear? That is entirely up to you. Dress for your comfort level in all ways! We can still give you a massage if you have clothing on.  
What do I do if something is making me uncomfortable? Please speak up! It does not matter if it is pain, emotional release or anything else. Let our Therapist know so he can adjust for you. We want you to enjoy your experience!
What happens if I pass gas during my massage? Nothing at all, bodies are bodies and while it may be embarrassing… it’s certainly nothing new to our Therapist.
What if I need to use the restroom during my massage? No problem at all! Please let our Therapist know so that he can give you privacy to get up and get to the bathroom. 
What should I do if it tickles? Again, please let your Therapist know and he can diminish the sensation. He’s there to make you comfortable. 
What if I have area’s I do not want massaged? Just contact us before your appointment or let your Therapist know at your appointment. This is okay! We can always adjust to fit your comfort levels. 
How long does it take? You will have the massage length you selected and approximately an additional 15 minutes for a quick consult and set up/take down. 
Can I have a support person(s) present? Yes! Absolutely. However if you have small children running underfoot during the massage it could be a hazard for our Therapist or them.
Can I have my animal(s) present? Yes, so long as they will not scratch or chew the equipment, harass our Therapist, or attempt to join you on the massage table.
Will the Therapist wear a mask? Yes, if you prefer that simply let us know!

Not seeing an answer to a question you had? Just send us an email! We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. info@muinmassage.com